About KyMel, Inc

Originally called Camp Hope-Heartland, KyMel, Inc is an independent 501(c)(3) that was formed in 2015.

Our History

Camp Hope, a camp for youth with cancer, was started in 1983 by “Ma” Donna Brown after she lost two children to cancer. Camp Hope was one of the first oncology camps in the country. Camp Hope was initially sponsored by the American Cancer Society (ACS) but in 2013 the ACS decided to stop funding camps. Rather than let Camp Hope end, a group of volunteers created a new non-profit that could continue “Ma” Donna’s vision into the future and KyMel was born.

The board of directors of KyMel recognized that cancer affects the entire family and thus in 2019 Camp SIBsational was created. It is a camp for the siblings of youth with cancer and was the first sibling-only camp in the region.

Why KyMel?

KyMel is named after “Ma” Donna’s two children, Kyle and Melani.

Our Mission

It is the mission of KyMel, Inc to support families living with, through and beyond the cancer experience.