Camp Hope Goals

Camp Hope strives to provide a great experience while being a good steward of the donations we receive. To the end, we have developed the following goals and objectives. The results from the most recent camp are listed as well.

Goal: To provide campers with a safe, supervised camping environment.

Outcome Objectives:

  • There will be no more than 5 campers to 1 volunteer at all times.
  • Select a minimum of 75 volunteers per session.
  • Orient all volunteers to the policies and procedures of camp.

2018 Results:  We had 117 volunteers with 72 campers.

Goal: To provide a camp setting where all campers feel supported, safe and respected.

Outcome Measure:  
  • Campers will complete the ACA Camp Connectedness questionnaire while at camp with the goal being  that 75% of campers ages 10 and up report feeling an increase feeling of connectedness as a result of participating in Camp Hope.

 2018 Results: 

100% of respondents said that they felt at least “a little” more connected to others after camp
96% said they felt their connectedness increased “some
85% said their connectedness increased “a lot

Goal:  To increase a camper’s ability to develop positive relationships, as the benefits of a positive support system for youth with chronic illnesses are well known

 Outcome Measure:  
  • Campers will complete the ACA Friendship Skills (detailed version) while at camp.  The goal will be that 50% of campers ages 10 and up show an improvement in their ability to build and maintain friendships because of their experience at camp

2018 Results:

93% of respondents said that their friendship skills increased at least “a little more” than before camp.
61% said their friendship skills increased “somewhat more” than before
21% said their friendship skills were “much more” than before

Goal: To provide the medical expertise and close monitoring required by children with a history of cancer.

Outcome Objectives:

  • At least 2 physicians will be available at all times.
  • A member of the medical staff will be immediately available for all activities.
  • All medical staff will be in compliance with medical protocols.

 2018 Results:  We had 2 physicians on site 24 hours a day the entire week of camp.

Goal: To provide campers opportunities to experience normal camp programs as their medical needs will allow and at no cost to the camper.

Outcome Objectives:

  • Activities will be evaluated every year to determine whether they meet the needs of the camp and campers.
  • Camp Hope Heartland and Camp Hope will provide 100% of the funds for Camp Hope.

2018 Results:  Post-camp surveys were sent to all volunteers and families. Camp Hope-Heartland raised enough money to cover the cost of camp.

Goal: To offer children with cancer opportunities to interact with others who have similar circumstances.

Outcome Objectives:

  • All campers will interact with others by the end of the session.
  • At least 75% of all campers will actively participate in small group activities of their choice.
  • At least 2 newsletters will be mailed annually to Camp Hope campers and volunteers, besides the daily newsletter distributed during camp.

 2018 Results:  3 Newsletters were sent out during the year

Goal: To provide to the parents whose children attend camp a safe, secure program, and to provide them with all necessary information and support.

Outcome Objectives:

  • 100% of families receive camp packets and final information at least 2 weeks prior to
  • 100% of the families will have received written documentation regarding Camp Hope.
  • 100% of the families will meet with a representative of Camp Hope and a member of the medical staff at arrival.
  • Maintain accreditation with the American Camp Association

 2018 Results:  Camp Hope remains accredited by the American Camp Association

Goal: To provide maximum benefits to the children from the donations received.

Outcome Objectives:

  • All restricted camp gifts will be used for camp programs.
2018 Results:  All restricted money raised by Camp Hope-Heartland went directly to Camp Hope.