Camp Hope Camper Experience

Who can attend?

Camp Hope is a camp for youth who have or have had cancer. We accept campers from age 5 through 17. We also offer a Camper for a Day program for youth ages 4 through 17 who are either too young for the week-long camp or who are unable to attend a full week.

Where is it located?

Camp Hope is held at Camp Aldrich near Claflin, Kansas. More information about Aldrich can be found here. All of the cabins are air-conditioned. There are concrete paths connecting all of the main areas of camp. There is a swimming pool with licensed lifeguards, a basketball court, a playground, a kickball court and more. The campground is approximately 90 minutes from Wichita and 4 hours from Kansas City. We do offer free charter bus transportation for campers from Wichita, Topeka and Kansas City; each bus is staffed with a medical volunteer.

What kind of activities are there at camp?

Camp Hope provides a traditional summer camp experience. Activities each year include pool swimming, archery, arts and crafts, a dance, a talent show and much more. In addition we often take trips into Great Bend to go bowling, miniature golfing and to visit their water park! We try to tailor our activities to the needs of both our young campers and our teens. The teens get several teen-only events throughout the week.

Medical Needs

Camp Hope provides 24 hour on-site medical coverage consisting of physicians, nurses, mental health specialists and pharmacists. We typically have over 15 members of the medical staff there 24/7. This team provides basic first aid, distributes medications, and monitors the physical and mental well-being of our campers. We have chemotherapy-certified nurses available should your child need chemotherapy while at camp. Our dedicated medical facility gives us space to monitor sick campers and perform minor procedures. We are a 15 minute drive from a hospitals and an emergency room.

What makes Camp Hope unique?

Camp Hope is the only oncology camp in the area that is accredited by the American Camp Association. This means we meet over 300 strict safety standards. We have maintained that accreditation continuously since 2002.